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Paul & Walter Bedford have many years experience in this field and will be happy to offer any advice you need.
(seen here with Prince Charles)

"There is no such thing as a bad horse, but there is such a thing as a bad owner"



Ted being featured at Horse of the Year Show this year in the Think Like a Pony Interactive Feature Area

People will have the opportunity to see the premier of his film The Story of Ted, which you will be able to buy for 12.99 in The Retail Village.


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Visit Ted's Favourite Tea Room
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Welcome to Ted Clydesdale's Website.

We have given the site a little spruce up and during the coming months we will be adding a constant supply of information on the progress of Ted and the Rocking Horse as they travel across the country - so watch out for Ted on his travels....

Sally Anne Oultram is made an ambassador of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust 0ctober 2010, Sally will continue to promote the work of the Trust and encourage new members.


Halcyon Days

'Ted and Sally embody what friendship, dedication and passion are all about. Over the years I have felt extremely privileged to have seen one of the most extraordinary partnerships between human and horse develop into celebrity status. A position that they have earned with kindness and respect with humility.'

Halcyon Days Ltd - Marketing to the Equine Industry


Directions can be found here: Bury Farm Equestrian Center, Slapton.  

Ted and I are very excited about are two day's we will be spending at the Stoneleigh Country and Livestock Show 2013.  


The official charity for Blenheim Helen and Douglas House ( children's hospice) have commissioned a 'Rocking Ted' hand carved Stevenson's rocking horse in the image of Ted the Clydesdale horse who is appearing at Blenheim this September at the International Horse Trials. Helen and Douglas House are selling tickets to win this super sized rocking horse (worth over 6500) and many other fantastic prizes for just 2 each. Tickets for 'Rocking Ted' and to go to the event can be bought online at www.blenheim-horse.co.uk
or by calling 0871 789 4037 or at an event.


Ted’s doing his part, shouldn’t you?
Ted Clydesdale, star of the touching children’s book ‘The Story of Ted’ is to front the Rare Breeds Survival Trusts Junior Survivors Club in 2006.  Each month the author of The Story of Ted, Sally Anne Oultram, will write an exclusive new story recounting tales of Ted’s adventures, for their Newsletter.

Ted Clydesdale has been invited to Blenheim Horse Trials on 3rd September 2006. He will have a Stevenson Rocking Horse Commissioned of him which will be raffled, and all proceeds going to the Helen House children's Hospice. Sally will do many Story Telling session's on the day, after each one a collection will be made for the charity.We are attempting to raise the highest amount ever by a Rocking Horse in the United Kingdom, further details will follow shortly.


He is a Hero!
Blenhiem International Horse Trials, Oxfordahires Premier three day event.
Ted Clydesdele will return for the 3rd Year in 2008 by public demand,
as the principal fund raiser for there nominated charity of the Year

Picture from Blenhiem International Horse Trials 2007
Photo credit to Steve Holloway.

The Perfect Gift for your grand child.
To celebrate St Valentines what a perfect gift for your grand child, buy a copy of the award winning children's book 'The Story of Ted' Sally Anne Oultram the Author is also available as a speaker.
For details, please call 07712 227954


He’s tall, dark and handsome and is now available to buy on DVD...!

He’s Ted Clydesdale and his story is one of love, courage and the devotion that ordinary people can feel for animals.

To order, call 07712 227954

Click [here] for more information about Ted's DVD.


See Ted at Blenhiem International 2007
in the RBST parade Click [here]


Billy Baxter, Sally & Ted all posing at the Royal Lancashire Show earlier this year.


Ted at the Your Horse Event at Stoneleigh Warwickshire (left) .Having a few tips from the MERSEY mounted police horse about how to talk in scouse before he leaves for Liverpool next week, to spend a month at Croxteth Hall Home farm Rare breeds Centre, to pe part of there Victorian Christmas Celebrations.(centre) The centre is endorsed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, as a recommended centre to visit.....Also the picture of the Ted at the Yours HORSE event in the Dobson and HORRELL arena, where he performed a riding display each day on behalf of the Clydesdale Horse Society. (Right) Tom COX, he is wearring the Dainese back support which is kindly sponsored by AdrenalinX based at Brandshatch, I endorse ridding heavy horses but safety must be of a top priority, as Ted's weight is 925 kg.

Ted sends a big thank you to all his friends who came back to visit at the event.


Here are 3 stunning paintings of Ted sent in by



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