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He’s tall, dark and handsome and is coming soon to a TV screen near you!


He’s Ted Clydesdale and his story is one of love, courage and the devotion that ordinary people can feel for animals.


Ted was rescued from certain death at the age of 12 weeks from a terrifying horse sales by Sally and her young daughter Camilla. Falling in love with his deep brown eyes and his innocent plea for help, Sally and Camilla brought the very sick foal home and, with the help of a talented vet, nursed him back to health.


From this very early age, Ted’s fight to survive against all odds was an inspiration to all those close to him. His patience, strength and supreme gentleness earned him a loyal band of supporters: regular people who could relate to his fight to survive in a harsh and oft time’s unforgiving world, and Ted’s iconic status has quickly developed.  Ted, the celebrity, has since led a fascinating life with countless public appearances at major events around the country.


One of the highlights of Ted’s travels was the summer of 2001 which he spent at the breathtaking Woburn Safari Park. Here Ted lived alongside Raja the Bull Elephant and made friends with many of the rare and exotic animals including Freddie the orphaned Zebra, Brock the Giraffe, and the Tigers who find their sanctuary at Woburn. This once in a life time experience led Sally to craft the tale that is The Story of Ted DVD, now an entrant into the 2006 Cannes film festival.


No stranger to the TV screen, Sally played Julie Love of ‘Children’s Ward’ for three consecutive series, has worked alongside huge such stars as Sting and also had the honour of doubling for her Royal Highness The Queen in the Darling Buds of May! The young Camilla is played by talented newcomer Sophie Webster and the stunning Julios Sepulvader - a professional Polo player from Chile – plays the vet who nurses the young Ted back to health.


Filming for ‘The Story of Ted’ has now reached its completion and the experience has been both exhilarating and emotional for all those involved. Superb locations such as the great Cheshire Show - where Ted opened the event and led the Grand Parade - Sherborne Castle in Dorset, Malvern at the Three Counties Show, the spectacular Woburn Safari Park and Wychwood Stud, Buckingham all add to the presence and power of this heart lifting film.


The Story of Ted will touch your heart and teaches everyone that humility is one of life’s most precious gifts.

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